Me myself and I

These actions started with a dialogue I felt attracted to do with my self when I was a guest at an artist’s studio in Italy. The place had a very interesting attic in the last floor that I felt strongly related to. The fact that in the attic you can’t really go deeper in the space with your body because it doesn’t fit made me think of how many times I’ve tried to fit myself into spaces I don’t fit in, how many times one has chosen to look at the angle instead of looking from the angle?, how responsible one is of the perspective from where life is perceived?

While I was going through these self documented actions I started acting those dialogues, playing both parts, me and the other, confronting myself with the fear of been abandoned and how one can actually be the cause of abandonment.

I’ve always underlined my belief that the act of making a thought physical makes it real and how this allows the process of learning.


Versus Nomas

The feeling of walking on wax is the perception of a precarious territory, its color and smell are though attractive and welcoming, a contrast between vulnerability and protection. The wax is resistant but can be melted back to its essence, it is malleable but impenetrable.
In Nordic mythology the god Odin, the god of poetry, stole mead and beeswax to the giants, he then they were spread around the world, it is believed that drinking a beverage made with bees wax, would convert any mortal into a poet.

This bees wax floor of 488 pieces was assembled together with the nomad floor, and exact replica of my Italian house’s floor. The bees wax pieces are the non solid moments of life, our constant choices and transformations, the ceramic ones are the solid island the one that is carried all the way through life.

Performance: During 15 days I changed the distribution of tiles, the space was different everyday, underlying how the territory of your life can be changed, it can be a choice and only the solid island remains, by the end the ceramic floor was grouped together as an island in the middle of wax.

© 2019 by Sandra Miranda Pattin

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